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Pinky with no hair!          Pinky & her Sisters        Pinky & her Wig

APARN (Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network) found out about Pinky from a young lady who adopted a pug from a backyard breeder. While choosing her pug, she saw one of it's' sisters, a sickly looking puppy with no hair, eating a handful of kibble off a paper plate in the backyard. It was the hottest time of the year and this poor little hairless pug was being left outside. The little pug seemed to be totally abandoned to die because she was not "adoptable quality."  The young lady adopted a lovely black pug, but could not stop thinking about her pug's sick little sister.  She went back the next day and obtained this pitiful little pug.  She then contacted APARN and the mangy little pug was taken into rescue. When she arrived at APARN she was a hairless, dark gray colored, very small puppy. She reeked of bacterial and yeast infections. She was taken to Noe's Ark Animal Hospital where she was treated for demodex mites and other health issues. It was going to be a long road for her. One of the volunteers suggested Pinky as a name, and it became so.  Many APARN volunteers fell in love with her, and followed her story via photos and updates from her foster mom. Some gave her pink clothes to wear. Another made her a soft pink collar, so she would not get skin irritation from it. She had to have many injections and daily baths to fight the mites. Her immune system just couldn't do it on its own. Her pictures were posted on the APARN volunteer's site. Her current forever mom saw Pinky and asked to foster her until she could be adopted. APARN has guidelines that all pugs are spayed or neutered before they are adopted. When she reached 9 pounds and her infections were under control, she joined a pack of two other pugs (one was another APARN adoptee), a peke and a cat. She also shares her home with another long term foster pug from APARN. Pinky is a wonderful example of the dedicated effort APARN pours into surrendered pugs. She had her heath needs met while she was in foster care. Now she is in a forever home where she brings much love and receives much love. She also represents the need for those who can not foster or adopt to support APARN's rescue efforts. Pinky's medical bills were extensive.  If you would like to donate in her name please go to Arizona Pug Adoption Rescue Network online. Thank you, Pinky and her forever family, Koni (Constance) Hegmann


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