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              Tom                                              Cooper                                              Emme

We have been coming to Noe's Ark Animal Hospital for eighteen years. My very first experience with Dr. Noe came during my early college years with my little soul mate, "Bentley." I loved Ben and wanted to make sure he received the very best care! We had wonderful experiences with Dr. Noe and trusted him and his staff exclusively with Ben's life. After many years of first-rate care, we bid farewell to a much cherished Bentley. In the years since, we have welcomed new doggy family members and always introduce them to Dr. Noe and Dr. Phillip. They continue to take such good care of our doggy family members. We rely on Noe's Ark for our annual check ups, worrisome ailments and several rather large health scares; most recently, Tom Sawyer (our AZ Beagle Rescue boy) had a Mast Cell tumor removed. It was a very successful surgery and Tom recovered quickly thanks to the attention we received from Dr. Phillip and the kind Noe's Ark staff. We are always happy and, most importantly, so are the doggies!  Thank you Noe's Ark for your ongoing work for our family!

Connie, Ross, Emme, Cooper and Tom

                 Nugget                                         Nugget Glamour Shot
The life of a Spokespug is a very busy one - between blogging, personal appearances, training my foster siblings in the rules of the house, etc., I just don't have time to be sick!  The vets and staff at Noe's Ark keep me in tip top condition. From quarterly weigh-ins (gotta look good for the cameras, you know!) to routine vaccinations, or those bothersome little ear infections, they are always there for me.  And trust me, I get the royal treatment whenever I am there! There's always someone there just waiting to attend to my every need!  My pug brothers and sisters tell me the staff and vets at Noe's Ark treat everyone that way, but between you and me, I suspect they are just a little jealous.  I mean, who wouldn't be?
Kisses to all!
Nugget, Az Pug Rescue Spokespug


                Scooter                              Macy

Noe's Ark has been a HUGE blessing for our family!  Not only are the people who work there friendly and easy-going, they are people we feel like we can truly trust.  We have 2 dogs, "Scooter" and "Macy".  They aren't just our dogs... they are our kids!  When we do have to take them in for shots or for a check-up, it eases our minds to know they will be in good hands.  Thank you Noe's Ark for all you have done for us!

Junior and Amanda Thaut


         Susan & Mollie
I've been a happy and loyal client of Noe's Ark for all of our veterinary services since 1993, and I just introduced my 4th dog to their staff yesterday. Dr. Noe and his staff - Dr. Phillip, Robyn - and all the techs have been with us through our journeys with Bandit, Maya, Oliver, and now Mollie. We've experienced many happy times and some very sad ones throughout our dogs' lives, but the staff's professionalism and compassion has been foremost in the care and comfort of our beloved pets.
Susan Missen


Peaches                              Little Debbie                        Van                                       Bailey

Being owned by and foster for many pugs, it is so important to have a veterinarian and staff to care for the specific needs of my beloved breed. The Veterinary Staff and Doctors at Noe's Ark are compassionate, professional and most importantly well versed in Pugs and all other breeds of canines and felines. I have full trust and confidence in their abilities and bedside manner. From birth through the unfortunate crossing of our loved companions, Noe's Ark is THE place for the care of pets. Thank you Noe's Ark for always caring for my Pugs and foster Pugs with the utmost in compassionate care at an affordable price. You all ROCK!


Peaches, Bailey, Little Debbie, Van and Laura Mahan and all the past and future foster Pugs!



              Samantha & Ted

I am a volunteer for one of the animal rescues that has been using Noe's Ark Animal Hospital for many years.  I have always found everyone more than friendly, helpful and professional.  A couple of months ago my English Bull Dog became very ill, unfortunately it was a Saturday, so I took Samantha Jane to another vet, who sent us to the emergency vet where she spent the night.  In the morning it appeared as though the life threatening dehydration had passed and she was no longer vomiting.  After picking her up that afternoon she was still lethargic but holding down water and some food, around 3am the vomiting returned so I returned to the vets office I had taken her to on Saturday‚Ķ after more tests they determined that she in fact must have something lodged in her lower intestine but due to staffing they were unable to do the surgery and wanted to send me back to an emergency vet.  I contacted Noe's and they immediately sprang into action, they obtained her medical records and scheduled a radiologist to do an ultrasound the very next morning, followed by surgery if needed.  While the wait was  risky I felt that waiting for Dr. Noe was the best thing to do, he has never let the rescue down and his staff always go the extra mile.  I am happy to report that Samantha Jane survived, she has fully recovered from the surgery to remove a portion of a toy from her stomach. It should be known that while there are many vets to choose from, I have to say that Noe's Ark Animal Hospital has some of the best staff, and is owned by one of the most honest, and talented surgeons in the valley. 

Ted Stacy, Gilbert, AZ


My husband and I were lucky enough to find Noe's Ark 10 years ago. We had been clients of another veterinary practice in the Valley before that. When we found Noe's, we found an animal care facility that truly defines the word "compassion". Dr Noe and Dr Phillip plus the entire staff at Noe's --from reception and office staff, to techs --truly care for animals. We've found guidance and education as dog owners through Noe's, along with services that we have come to depend on Noe's for. Through the years, our 5 dogs have experienced routine wellness check-ups, vaccinations, dental cleanings, diagnosis of ilnesses, surgeries, boarding, and when the times came -- end of life care. We trust Noe's Ark like no other facility because we know that our dogs' health and well-being are the main concerns at Noe's. All of our dogs feel comfortable and welcomed when they walk through the door, even though they are at the "doctor's office". The most recent addition to our canine crew was a rescued Pug that we happened upon that was visiting Noe's at the time. They introduced us to Bud, and he's been a real blessing since we adopted him. We feel safe in saying that you won't find a more competent, caring vet and staff than you will at Noe's Ark.

Dave & Dorothy Cook

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