Kennel Manager

My name is Marie, I was born and raised here in the valley. I’ve loved, rescued, and cherished animals since I was a child. I’ve always had a small zoo from the normal pets like dogs and cats to the normal exotics like bunnies, rats, mice, hamsters, and snakes, to the abnormal pets like pot belly pigs, wolf hybrids, and opossums. I currently have cats, dogs, rats (Norwegian and African soft furs), bearded dragons, a ball python, a chameleon, an Asian water monitor, bunnies, and 5 different types of roaches. My zoo has now expanded to learning and successfully growing food (rats and roaches) for my reptiles. I constantly want to be learning about animals and ways to make their lives better. I plan to become a certified vet tech and continue and eventually become a veterinarian and specialize in exotics. When I’m not taking care of animals I love to stay active by hiking and skating. I look forward to caring for your pet!